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1/28/2014 6:55:17 PM
Bloomfield Investment Club Members and our guests are encouraged to share their personal stock tips with other members.  Each member should independently assess each stock before making an investment.

Feel free to post comments on the stock tips provided.
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Posted By: Marc Pope on 4/28/2014 1:09:52 PM
Hello! It is getting tougher everyday to locate good penny stocks among worthless imposters. I have used your recommendations many times in the past and made good money, thank you! Because I trust your analysis, I would like you to look into this company and make a recommendation. The name is United Communications Partners, symbol UCPA. Everything I found so far looks real and incredibly solid for a sub-penny stock. - Revenues of $20.4 million for 2013. - The business demonstrates significant year-over-year top-line growth rates and improved operating margins. - The company is sustaining itself without dilution and is very close to break-even on a net profit basis. - UCPA's market cap is just around $4 million. Price-to-Sales ratio ~ 0.15! - tight float (70% of O/S held in hands of management) - clean share structure ( no convertible debt outstanding; no preferred shares outstanding; one share one vote) So, all this and a lot more of very good stuff about this company. In fact I could not find anything bad about this company. That is why I am perplexed as to why such a seemingly gem is trading at sub-penny levels while worthless scams and pumps have market caps tens even hundreds of times higher? Anyone who would like to dig deeper can check their website at and/or check the company profile on Investors Hub at Other than the ultra conservative management that does not want to promote the company until it shows a profit, I cannot make sense of its low valuation. Marc Pope
Posted By: Yummmy on 8/13/2014 5:04:39 PM

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